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Post Sales CRM and Accounting Softwares for real estate builders and developers
i - Flat Accounting

Why the need of software solution for Real estate Developers ?

I-Flat Real Estate CRM Software is a complete web based solution specifically tailored for Real Estate Developers and enables them to manage and automate the end to end execution of booking to possession process along with Leads, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents, Inventory, Brokers, and Staff. It comes with unique “Dash Board” feature which initiates an emotive connect between Real Estate developers and Technology as Builders can login to the software from anywhere in the world. It is an intelligent emotive tool which enables Developers/Builders and their staff to get access to key Sales/Revenue/Customer information, important for decision making on daily basis.

We offer the best real estate software that is Powerful, simple to use and will help you in managing all your hectic work. The I-Flat Real estate software is accessible on web, can be viewed from anywhere……

Builders can login to the software to view the required information, generate reports and payment details from anywhere across the world as per his requirement.

To mention some our I-Flat Real state software customers include Developers in the space of Townships, Mixed Use Projects, Residential, Commercial and Plotting. I-Flat helps the developers or builders in many ways like:

  • Manage Multiple Projects at Different Locations
  • Open unit for sale
  • It manages there Inquiry Life Cycle
  • It processes Bookings and manages Customer Accounts
  • It automates various workflows related to Real Estate sales and customer management
  • Manage brokers
  • Automated MIS and reports generation including
    • Demand letters
    • Progress Letter
    • Allotment letters
    • Possession letters
    • Flat cancellation letters
    • Flat cancellation letters with profit
    • Payment receipts ... and many more

I-Flat Real estate software offers real time auditing of Unit Inventory Status and the much hectic Cash Flow & Revenue. Inventory status can be categorized under various categories like Sold, Booked, Blocked and verdue.

It includes advanced features in terms of Customer Accounts, Broker Management, Reward Tracking for Brokers/Staff, MIS reports and much more. Real estate software helps you manage all sales and customer activities with dashboards to track various trends pertaining to Sales, Outstanding, Receivables, Inquiries, and Agents etc. It is indeed a powerful yet so simple to use tool to make builders life easier.

This real estate software allows you to access complete information about each unit of the scheme in a single click with comprehensive flexibility. Design custom documents e.g. sales deed, agreement to sell in this Real estate CRM as per your need.

Why the need of software solution for Real estate Developers ?

Booking Management
  • Faster Booking Process
  • Offer Discount at the time of Booking
  • Multiple Payment Method and Payment Schemes
  • Payment Schedule Design
Unit Status
  • Booked
  • Blocked
  • Sold
  • Overdue
Document Management
  • Booking Form
  • Modification Note for Client
  • Modification Note for Site
  • Payment Receipts
  • Check List for Flat
Payment Management
  • Payment Schedule
  • Record Payments
  • Auto calculations of Service Tax
  • Other Charges
  • Interest on Over Due Payment
  • Generate Payment Demand Notice
  • Generate Payment Receipts
  • Payment History
  • Transfer Unit
  • Cancel Unit
Letters Management
  • Demand Letter
  • Reminder 1/2/3 for Demand
  • Possession Letter
  • Pre- Possession Letter
  • Reminder 1/2/3 Pre – Possession Demand
  • Progress Letter
  • Allotment Letter
  • Bank Letters
  • Parking Letter
  • Modification Letter
  • Maintenance Letter
  • Furniture and Fitting Permission Letter
Reports and Trend Monitoring
  • Property Report
  • Payment Received Report
  • Payment Pending Report
  • Client Ledger Report
  • Installment Due Report
  • And much more….
Payment Methods
  • Construction Linked
  • Multiple Schemes in each Payment Method
  • Flat Cost Interest Report
  • Service Tax Interest Report
  • Consolidated Report
  • Party Ledger
  • Receipt Ledger
  • Account wise Collection
  • Project Wise Report
  • Security Cheque Report
  • Labels Report
  • Recovery Report
  • Project wise booking Report
  • Unit wise Booking Report
  • Late Payment due Report
  • & much more…..

Salient Features

One of the ways, let's consider a situation in which a property buyer inquires about your project. With the help of I-Flat, you can record customer details and map his unit requirement and assign it to your Sales Executive.

The selling executive will then call the approaching customer to grab more knowledge about their interests, financing situation, timelines, and other pertinent information. All these details are stored in the I-Flat with the contact information of the buyer. Selling Executive can schedule follow up's with prospective customer and record there communication at the time of follow up call. I-Flat Software sends follow up reminder to Sales Executive on daily basis.

In this complete process; management can track where the lead is in the complete buying process without asking the Sales Executive. The management officials can check the performance of the team and individual as well. The I-Flat real estate software solutions provided by us are the best for builders.

  • Manages Multiple Companies & Projects at Different Locations
  • Comprehensive Marketing Module that handles all enquiries, source of origin, follow- ups and their conversion analysis
  • Provision to rate Potentiality of a customer by the executive on a defined scale Multi Site, Multi level Stock & Inventory.
  • Generates MIS Reports
  • Comprehensive Customer Information (Individuals & Non-Individuals)
  • Designed to Explore the Units sold/available/on-hold
  • Rule based Pricing
  • Multiple Payment Plans for Basic, PLC and additional Services
  • Flexible Discount options
  • Checklists Detailed checklist of all pre-requisites and documents
  • Validation - All Transactions can be validated before final approval
  • Auto Payment Receipt Generation
  • Auto Payment Reminder Alerts as per different payment schedules
  • Auto SMS Alert and Email notifications for various occasions
  • Auto Interest Calculation on Overdue payments
  • Manages Multiple Transfers of unit with detailed history
  • Broker Account Management
  • Thoroughly defined Cancellation process

Key Benefits

Beyond being just Feature Rich, I-Flat strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use thus signifying Faster Deployment and Less Degree of Training and Support required. This translates into faster ROI for Real Estate Developers.

  • Powerful and Simple to use.
  • Manages Multiple Companies & Multiple Projects at Different Locations.
  • Web Based Software, compatible with all latest Browsers.
  • Increase efficiencies. Employees can access important information quickly and process and can be automated.
  • Best utilization of company's manpower & Quick decision making.
  • Better and more accurate data. Analytics and reporting allows the sales, marketing and customer service teams to work together and introduce improvements.
  • Daily Enquiry follow up reminders.
  • Designed to Explore the Units sold/available/on-hold.
  • Multiple Payment Plans for Basic, PLC and additional Services with Flexible Discount options.
  • Checklists Detailed, checklist of all pre-requisites and documents.
  • Auto Payment Reminder Alerts as per different payment schedules & Auto SMS Alert and Email notifications for various occasions
  • Data security.
  • Permission Based Access which allows you to control who has access to certain data and features.
  • Reduced maintenance and overheads.
  • Low Recurring Cost.
  • Auto Interest Calculation for delayed payments
  • Manages Multiple Transfers of unit with detailed history
  • Broker Account Management.
  • Multi Site, Multi level Stock & Inventory
  • Validation - All Transactions can be validated before final approval
  • Set & Manage targets to Sales Executives.
  • Extensive Reports and Trend monitoring.
  • Deploy it in your Office or Host it.
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